"Love makes your soul crawl out from it’s hiding place"




Everything I do is an expression of my core mission of educating the heart. 

The word educate originates with the latin root e-ducere, meaning "to draw out". Originally it was a midwife's term meaning "to be present at the birth of." I bring this energy to my life coaching, teaching, facilitating and speaking.

My training brings together the best of yin and yang, science and wisdom, intellect and intuition. 

I'm grounded and down-to-earth, with just enough woo-woo to keep things interesting. I trained with and am certified by Dr. Martha Beck, bestselling author and monthly columnist for O magazine. I also trained with the deeply respected grandmama of all coaching schools - The Coaches Training Institute. I have a Master of Education degree in Counseling and Leadership

I am a devoted student of human development. I have studied relationships with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Interpersonal Neurobiology with Dr. Dan Siegel, Positive Psychology with Dr. Tal Ben Shahar , Adlerian dream interpretation with Dr. Christopher Shelley and Body Mind Psychotherapy with Susan Aposhyan. I have training from The Center for Right Relationship. I have been a yoga student since 1996 and a yoga teacher since 2004. My two most influential mentors have been, and continue to be, developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Jungian counsellor, teacher and faculty of the Marion Woodman Foundation, Dr. Marlene Schiwy.

My own growth experiences bring my training to life I've been lost - my life completely off-course - and found my way home.

I've struggled with getting caught up in busy-ness and overwhelm and lost my sense of purpose.  I've been at war with my body, punishing myself with diets and destructive habits in pursuit of an external ideal. I've been in an unhappy marriage, on the verge of divorce and amazingly rediscovered a loving relationship in the midst of the chaos. I've lost loved ones - my mother as a child, my child as a mother and most recently, my beloved dad.

My life experience informs my work and gives it a depth that training and techniques alone will never provide.