Do you sometimes feel that you are merely skimming on the surface of your life and not living the depth of it?

Do you feel there has to be more than this? More love, more joy, more passion?

Do you know you have more in you that is lying unexpressed?

What if your life, your growth, and your relationships could be guided from your intuitive heart rather than feeling like so much damn work?

What if you could tap into a source of wisdom that would feel more true and more you than any book on relationships, self-help or parenting ever will?

I'm devoted to helping you find your way back to your wild heart and your intuitive wisdom.

You can love your life.

You can wake up excited about what you get to do each day — filled with a sense of play and possibility.

You can deepen your connections.

You can love the people in your life more freely and discover how you are blocking yourself from receiving the love of others.

You can flow with your life's own unfolding.


Ready to discover the mystery and beauty at the heart of your life?