father's day medley

Father and Daughter (a short animated film - beautiful and heart filling)

A Father's Love Is One of the Greatest Influences On Personality Development (article)

The importance of a father's love should help motivate many men to become more involved in nurturing child care. Additionally, he says, widespread recognition of the influence of fathers on their children's personality development should help reduce the incidence of "mother blaming" common in schools and clinical setting.

When Grandpa Steps in as Daddy (news story)

"My grandfather has been with me since I took my first breath," Sara said, reading to the end of her essay. "He was one of the first people to ever hold me, and ever since that day, he has held on tight! He has taught me to love and to feel loved. I am a very lucky girl to have someone like him in my life."

Remembrances of My Father (short memoir)

I was a teenager by then, but this was the first time that I had ever spent time alone with him. It felt great. We drove around a neighboring town all afternoon selling melons to his friends. I got to see a small slice of his life. People smiled when he drove up. They made jokes, some at his expense. He smiled and laughed and repeatedly introduced me as “my boy,” a phrase he relayed with a palpable sense of pride. We didn’t get back home until it was dark. It was one of the best days of my life. Small gestures are easily magnified when there is nothing against which to measure them.

ALTHOUGH he had never told me that he loved me, I would cling to that day as the greatest evidence of that fact.