One of the best things I ever did for International Women's Day, and I'm doing it again

In 2010 I celebrated International Women's Day by creating a collection of women's writing and art contributed by wise and talented women such as Brené Brown, Martha Beck, Shilo Shiv Suleman, Danielle LaPorte, Margaret Wheatley and many more. I offered it freely to the world and it had wings. I heard from people all over the world (men, too!) using it in ways I had never envisioned. It was being used in workshops and staff trainings and women's groups and at women's shelters. It was on many a night stand to be referred to again and again. It spawned numerous similar projects - which is fitting since I myself was inspired to do it by a project Seth Godin had done. 

This year, I wanted to celebrate its 5th birthday. So I went through and updated all the bios and the links (these women have been up to some incredible things in the past 5 years) and I also added 5 new entries from 5 voices that have something important to say:

  • A poem from my inspirational friend and colleague, Tara Mohr.
  • Wisdom from a woman I deeply respect: Indigenous teacher and leader Jeannette Armstrong.
  • Probing thoughts from brilliant UK writer, Jay Griffiths (if you don't know her yet, you can thank me later).
  • A touching reflection on mental illness from writer Esmé Weijun Wang.
  • And finally, an invitation for your body from one of the most intelligent and soulful yoga teachers I have met, Jill Miller.

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