everyday love stories

Last night I tuned into Patti Digh's party to celebrate her new website. As I am in the midst of the long and fun and frustrating and iterative process of turning this website into something that really feels like home, I was curious to hear about Patti's process.

But the moment that landed fully in my heart had nothing to do with her website and everything to do with her love for her daughter. Patti got teary as she explained how she wanted to be home more for her daughter. I have always liked Patti, but I fell in love with her right there.

When my dad was dying a little over a year ago and I was at his bedside, one of the last things I said to him was, "Dad, you gave me the greatest gift any child could ever have - I always knew you were crazy about me." 

Patti is giving her daughter that same gift, and it is my wish that every child, young and old, have that. The best love story ever.