when love washes over you

I love this story from Roseanne Cash about a particular moment when her father is asking her to sing with him during his last performance at Carnegie Hall. She refuses his repeated requests. And then he turns and walks away.."The look of his back struck me....and it filled me with so much love..."

You must listen to her describe it. Her voice truly captures the emotion of having love wash over you. Whether it's suddenly glimpsing your partner across the room or peeking in on your niece and nephew as they sleep or seeing your father's back in that certain way (for me, it was always my dad's hands that did it) - that sweet tenderness of the moment of pure love, of wordlessly inhabiting the fullness of love - those moments are what's real in this world.

And listen to the love in his voice when he brings Roseanne on stage to sing with him.

(Thanks to Heather Plett for sharing this.)